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Green Bay’s Lambeau Field: An Impressive Sewer Scenario

Constructed in 1957, City Stadium (now known as Lambeau Field) has hosted numerous historic football events, including three league championships, and played a significant role in the development of the Green Bay Packers football legend. Lambeau Field has a seating capacity of 72,601, more than double its original size. The Lambeau Field sewer storage system operates as an overflow basin that uses pumps and mixers to control the flow of sewage after every football game.  Each game generates an average of 156,335 gallons of sewage, which is directed to the system’s two surge tanks, the first of which is 863 square feet with a capacity of 116,194 gallons. The second is 2,722 square feet and can hold 366,490 gallons. In one recent year the system processed 1.56 million gallons of raw sewage. The system works by utilizing four pumps and six mixers to stir the sewage and suspend any solids to help speed up the drainage.

The city now uses a monitoring system, which operates as a troubleshooting device and to aid in immediate detection of any complications to pumps and mixers at the facility. The system is based on timers and activated by level detectors. The level of sewage has to reach a certain point before the mixers are turned on. The system works by collecting the sewage as the game progresses, storing it in the two basins located beneath the stadium complex. The material flows into the smaller basin, which filters most of the solids before letting the liquid flow into the second, larger basin. The day after an event, both basins are mixed. The pumps direct the sewage into the city’s 8-inch gravity sewer main where it is sent to the treatment plant.

Fun fact:  Lambeau Field is the 3rd largest football stadium in the NFL by seating capacity.       

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