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Our Lakes are in Danger! Act now Milwaukee!

Milwaukee, I don’t know if you are aware of this or if your neighboring cities are aware of the problems arising in our beautiful lakes here in Wisconsin. Scientists have found that sewage is starting to filter into our lakes which endangers not only our families but the wildlife that live in the water or rely on it for hydration.

How did this happen? Our climate has changed and the level of rainfall has drastically increase and with old sewer systems in place, they crack and break and slowly leak into our lakes. To fix this problem is easy, the sewer systems in the Milwaukee area and beyond need to be replaced, and some are over a hundred years old! Perma-Liner is a non-invasive way, cost effective way, to fix this before we can no longer take our kids fishing or feel safe enough to let them swim and play in the lakes that we enjoyed as children. Perma-Liner wants to protect those wonderful childhood memories that we can pass down from generation to generation. Milwaukee and beyond, take action today and call us at 866-336-2568.

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