Waterline Renewal Technologies

Milwaukee Systematically Reinvents Sewer System with Prioritized Projects


The city of Milwaukee is seeing an increase in economic growth and support from a project to rebuild a large sewer. The rehabilitation involves a 48-inch combined sewer pipe, built nearly fifty years ago. The pipe runs under East Michigan Street and North Lincoln Memorial Drive. The city is currently in need of several other infrastructure renewals which are being categorized to include the replacement of the city’s remaining lead water-service lines. Recently, city officials summarized the most advantageous method for replacing the more than 70,000 lead laterals that supply water to homes and businesses. These lines make up just under half of the water utility’s entire collection of service lines. Replacing the water utility’s lead service lines will likely be a long process and may take up to fifty years to accomplish.

Residents in the Milwaukee metro area may receive changes to their bill structure over the next five years, in order to accommodate for the much-needed upgrades to the aging and worn-out infrastructure that provides the water and sewage services. At the present time, the city maintains 1,960 miles of water mains, 169,000 lateral service lines, and 13 pumping stations. Current plans call for expediting lateral replacements to 1,250 a year within the next five years. These large sewers receive wastewater from the collector sewer systems owned by 28 communities and deliver it to the district’s Jones Island and South Shore sewage treatment plants.


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